About EMSU Design

We specialise in both refurb-interior projects and complete interior design projects for private and commercial clients.

From initial planning with the client to liaison with construction team and architect, through to selection and supply of furniture, fabrics & artwork, we see your project through from beginning to end to ensure your finished result is unique and elegant. We create beautiful, stylish and carefully considered interior spaces.

By overseeing all elements of your project EMSU Design ensures its smooth completion, whilst creating efficiencies and cost savings throughout.

Landline phone: +353 1 6854250

Email : [email protected]

Our Approach

Our work reflects each of our individual client’s vision, guided by our many years of experience in creating beautiful spaces. Contemporary design combined with classical influences are the hallmarks of EMSU Design’s stunning interiors. Our emphasis on elegance, quality and craftsmanship ensures an end result that is both unique and beautiful.

We carefully plan and execute each project to ensure objectives and budget are met, and that completion is timely.

About Emma

EMSU Design was founded by Emma O’Connor. Her years working in corporate finance, operations and design has given Emma a results driven approach coupled with a keen eye for creating stunning spaces. For Emma every detail matters, and this is the underlying ethos at EMSU Design.